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April 3, 2006

Becky from Roseanne and Other Stuff

2006-04-02 30a.jpg

As usual, this weekend went way too fast. Saturday drained more quickly as I was doing research in a windowless library until 5pm, but we made up for that by hanging about Red Hook and soaking in daylight savings. Here is a brief rundown of April 1-2 randomness:

  • Woke up Saturday morning and discovered that my lips were swollen to double their size. Reason: allergic reaction. Culprit: Unknown.
  • While walking to the bus once my lips looked less like collagen implants, saw a woman who looked vaguely familiar walking down Van Brunt. Puzzled.
  • Spent 5+ hours reading about public school architectural history in the windowless lower level of Avery Library.
  • Drank a beer at the nicely empty Liberty Ale House, inspected the never-opening-again appearance of Lillie's, then made our way home.
  • Realized on the way that the vaguely familiar woman on Van Brunt Street was the first Becky from Roseanne-- Alicia Goranson.
  • Went to an open house at PS 9 in Prospect Heights. Had a heart attack at the price (1.2M) but still swooned at the (faux) opportunity to live in an old school building. Had fun asking questions like "Is there still an underlying mortgage on the building?"
  • Spent the rest of Sunday walking around Prospect-Lefferts. Fell in love with an old limestone house with original mahogany detail that lacked plumbing and heat. Talked to a good friend who lived around the block about the neighborhood. Left feeling warm and fuzzy.
  • Drank another beer at the gloriously empty Liberty Ale House. Befriended their bar cat and young mother, Jasmine. Soaked in the sun, reflected.


  • It appears that Becky from Roseanne lives in our neighborhood. And she has a blog.
  • We think we might love Prospect-Lefferts.
  • Our dreams about renovating a house resurfaced.
  • Daylight savings makes everything better.

Posted by callalillie at April 3, 2006 7:04 AM | City Life , Random , Red Hook


a brush with fame. that is fun.

Posted by: honestyrain at April 3, 2006 9:50 AM

Whoa - good call on Becky!
I love PS 9/Prospect Heights - are you guys really looking for something in that area? Want to talk to our friend who is in the middle (errr early early early middle) of fixing up an old old house that is falling apart? Every time I visit them my emotions wax and wane from envy to pity to envy to thanks that I have no holes in my walls and thousand dollar heating bills.
This weekend at Ft Greene Park there was a spontaneous gathering of Brass Bands! I took a flyer for you and (whereas you probably know of them already) thought they and the other bands that played with them would be perfect for your parade. They are the Hungry March Band and the What Cheer Brigade.

Posted by: Tiya at April 3, 2006 10:01 AM

I was so bummed that I missed the Marching Band get together. We knew about it but I had to work on my paper all day...HMB apparently played right across the street from us later that night-- we were really tired and fell asleep early.

It depends what you mean by "seriously considering." I think Prospect Lefferts became a lot more attractive to us after our spontaneous open house visits (we went to several). We both dream of being able to buy an old place and fix it up. The hard thing is that we can't really afford even a run down house right now...but we might be able to in the near future, if we save correctly. Then again, there will probably be no houses left (in PLM) to fix by the time we can pony up enough for a downpayment...

Posted by: corie at April 3, 2006 10:15 AM

i found your site recently- and love it!

by any chance did you eat mango before your allergic reaction? i have that reaction to mangos, and a lot of other people do! in the pit is something similar to poison oak...

Posted by: lena at April 3, 2006 10:32 AM

Becky's blog sucks. I loved her in that trans movie, but she got shot in the end and that was sad.

I am all nervous about meeting alexis for the first time, at your wedding no less. Perhaps you should post pics of him sans clothes so that there are no longer any inhibitions and I can cop--I mean--get a more initimate feel for him

Posted by: jason at April 3, 2006 10:43 AM

Jay-- there is a wait list for that type of Almost Husband exploitation. :)

Posted by: corie at April 3, 2006 10:56 AM

um, if naked pictures are taken, can you just email them to jason? i have no desire to see alexis naked (no offense to either of you).

i like 2nd becky better.

and shannan has something funky going on with her lips too.

Posted by: tien at April 3, 2006 11:21 AM

The only naked photos that I will ever email are of cats.

I'm not sure about the mango thing. We had fish and chips the night before at the Chip Shop. I ate a small candy on the way home but I don't remember the flavor. It was odd that they blew up while I was sleeping.

Posted by: corie at April 3, 2006 11:25 AM

I just saw Becky on a news show recently and she was talking about how she lived in Red Hook. She was rather cool and outspoken and very un-Hollywood.

Maybe you're pregnant? Ha-ha... it's just that people keep telling me my lips look like I have collegen implants, but it's just because EVERYTHING is swollen.

Posted by: phc at April 3, 2006 12:16 PM

Yes--her blog does suck. And it seems to be Goranson with an A, not an E.

Posted by: kar at April 3, 2006 5:03 PM

what's this about Lillies? is it closing? i feel bad i haven't been out there in forever.

Posted by: ChrisG at April 4, 2006 10:19 AM

What a beautiful couple...

Posted by: leah at April 4, 2006 12:43 PM

Not sure about Lillie's...see here.

Posted by: corie at April 4, 2006 1:06 PM

I have seen Becky too! I think she lives in a brownstone on President Street.

Posted by: Mary at April 4, 2006 2:56 PM

Awwww, no post today. Tis okay, we know you are rather busy :)

Posted by: Maura at April 4, 2006 4:02 PM

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