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June 14, 2005


Last night, while putting away a few books that I had used to prop my camera, a piece of laminated paper fell to the floor. Behold my ninth grade student ID.

2005-06-13 id3.jpg

There has been a lot of talk about high school these days. In the past two weeks, I have spoken to or seen about six hometown friends-- about five more than I might usually be in contact with.

This June marks the ten-year anniversary of our graduation. There does not seem to be a reunion in the works (Yo, Jen S., class president or whatever, what's up with that?), though it could be that the cool kids just didn't invite us.

Regardless, EFH and I agree that ten years is a little too short. Fifteen or twenty is more my speed-- I feel like I've spent the past decade just finding myself and that the best is most definitely still to come. Reuniting with high school acquaintances at the Almost-Forty mark seems far more satisfying than Almost-Thirty. You know, so that your tenth grade Chemistry teacher is actually ancient, not just fifty-five, and there is more hair loss and childbearing hips all around.

Posted by callalillie at June 14, 2005 6:55 AM | Introspect , Old Enough to Have Way Back Memories


Did you use your ID to put out cigarettes?

Our high school had a 5 year reunion! That seemed too soon (Cheerleaders, please, cut the cord already!). Then came the tenth, which seemed okay, time-wise, but I still didn't attend. 15 is a goofy number that doesn't seem to merit celebration. 20 is a long ways off, so there's no point in thinking about it now.

Posted by: matt at June 14, 2005 7:38 AM

we too had a 5 year. it wasn't bad. but we had it in the south street seaport, which kind of sucked. but we couldn't use the winter garden.

and that's a nice id shot! 1/4 body turn?

Posted by: tien at June 14, 2005 7:53 AM

Seems a bit out of character for you to deface a historical (hysterical) document.

Can we assume that the vandalism (self-abuse) took place in the distant, less centered past?

Posted by: Scoxx at June 14, 2005 8:30 AM

It was not unusual for me to remove my face from photographs in high school. I much preferred to be behidn the camera (still do, but to a lesser extent, obviously). I think stick cigarettes through things is a high school ritual of some sort...or at least in our little clan it was.

I don't think that we had a 5 year reunion, but we did at my college and I went. It sucked. The funny thing about reunions is that there generally aren't any people that you actually want to see. I think I'm pretty much in touch with my high school friends. I'm curious about the acquaintances, though...but I think it would be much more fun in 20 years, when it might even be hard to recognize people.

Posted by: corie at June 14, 2005 8:47 AM

Oh, and Tien, that's my ninth grade school picture, I think. We weren't very high tech-- I think there were about 600 people max in the entire school.

Posted by: corie at June 14, 2005 8:48 AM

I didn't go to my 10-year, and I'm glad because I heard that it blew. But I am looking forward to the 20-year. I'm thinking people will have time to really settle into their lives by then and the concept of seeing people who knew you when you were 14 will be absolutely hysterical.

Posted by: Sally at June 14, 2005 9:05 AM

I am in awe that you still have all this stuff (old ID AND envelope!)...I'm only 5 years out of high school (not ready for any reunions), but haven't a clue where these things would be.

Posted by: yp at June 14, 2005 9:34 AM

I still think we should just have our own reunion. I am offering up my parents backyard as a venue. It would be way better than anything the school would have to offer.

Posted by: angeeker at June 14, 2005 9:41 AM

You did have a thing about removing your face from school pictures--I remember you scratched it out of one of my yearbooks before signing it.

I am kind of surprised our former "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Best Looking" classmates haven't organized a reunion. But really, who wants to see those people anyway? I would definitely go to Andrea's backyard reunion, however! I think it's a great idea.

Posted by: kim at June 14, 2005 10:06 AM

ooooh. that actually sounds very appealing. andrea, do your parents still have that pool?

Posted by: corie at June 14, 2005 10:33 AM

But I think you should wait to have your reunion til later in the summer when I am back in the Northeast. I would love to come and meet all you folks.

Posted by: Alexis at June 14, 2005 11:26 AM

sadly, they took down the pool. But I'm sure we could get a slip and slide or something. At least a sprinkler. and we can do it anytime in the summer that would work best.

Posted by: angeeker at June 14, 2005 11:45 AM

Iiiinteresting. Can we do it in August? Can we listen to Jane's Addiction? Do you still have all of those posters of Balthazar Getty on your wall?

Posted by: corie at June 14, 2005 12:46 PM

Well, I, like you, had no plans to attend my reunion, but it was held the day after Thanksgiving, and when I was driving to my parent's house for that holiday, "the girl next door," who had been a friend and sometimes more, was outside in her parent's front yard. She was one of the organizers of the event, and begged me to come because she didn't want to lose money if enough people didn't show.

I'd not been in touch with anyone from those years, and I have to say it was a blast. My old group of friends, those people who were the outcasts and misfits, were all scattered around the country doing cool things. Writing, acting, making movies, digging up old bones in the desert, doing something I couldn't hope to understand in labs at MIT.

The "proud crowd" as we used to call them, were still largely in a twenty mile radius of our hometown, having conventional "success," suburban home ownership, middle management, a couple of kids, male pattern baldness and post-pregnancy bloat.

My old friends and I ended up at another bar and then driving to the beach where "the girl next door" and I made out for old time's sake. And, when we left, there was little real attempt to keep in touch. Which was as it should be--we were living lives and not the sort of people who would rely on the nebulous connections of sixteen as adults.

Simply, those high school years weren't the best of our lives. And it was terrific that we knew that.

Posted by: Bill at June 14, 2005 12:52 PM

I will have to check with my folks, but I'm sure we could do something in August. No, I don't have any pics of Balthazar Getty (whatever happened to him???) on my wall, as I'm not sure my husband would appreciate them. We absolutely will listen to Janes Addiction; in fact, you would have to be in charge of music. And don't tempt me, I will go all out and make everyone wear doc martens and flannels...

Posted by: angeeker at June 14, 2005 1:03 PM

Wonderfully put, Bill.

A, If you buy me a new pair of Dr. Martins I'll wear them...but only if someone can dress up like a 1991 raver with a pacifier.

Posted by: corie at June 14, 2005 1:17 PM

I went to high school in Trinidad, I was invited to our high school reunion but do not look upon those days with fondness - we didn't have I.D.'s - what with all the bouncer nuns

Posted by: jenn at June 14, 2005 2:23 PM

Jeez Louise, all this talk about an old skool id! I brought up high school reunions a couple of weeks ago and didn't get this kind of response. Guess I'm not one of the cool kids.

And High Holy Crap, was that Kim I saw up there? Kim as in Kim Kramer? Not that anyone cares about me or anything, but I should be in NY in August for my godson's christening and I will be in NY in just two weeks. I asked Corie if she wanted to meet up with the old crew but she said no, maybe kim and angeeker might want to hang though.

Posted by: jaysonian at June 14, 2005 2:26 PM

My high school class just had its 25th reunion this month (and yes, I will find my yearbook to bring in). Gods, you're young.

Posted by: Velma at June 14, 2005 3:09 PM

Corie, I have to tell you that I've been reading your site for awhile after discovering it via typepad and figuring out it was really you and was waiting for the appropriate time to chime in and I think now is as good a time as ever!

I wondered what happened to you all over the years since I've been off Long Island for so long, but I have a huge bunch of pictures from when we all candy-striped together at St. Charles and the birthday party you had at your house that I'd love to scan in and mail to you someday. Would you believe I'm graduating law school in May?

Glad to hear you all are doing well. I have fond memories of my last few years at "The Penitentary" because of you guys.

And if that's Kim Kramer - congrats. I heard from George that you and Ralph got married!!!! And to think that it all started in my basement. ;)

Posted by: Kerrin at June 14, 2005 3:25 PM

When it came time for my 10-yr reunion my Dad said I was listed as a lost graduate in the local paper. Many years later and they still haven't tracked me down.

Posted by: joe at June 14, 2005 4:05 PM

On the subject of 20-mile radius of Mt. Sinai, according to rumor they are doing the same things in the same places they did 10-12 years ago! Jeeze. When I was 18 I took off and didn't let the door hit me on the ass!

And of all places, I live in Allentown PA (it was that or Las Vegas)... where I co-own an database design firm... have been to Bulgaria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, and even a holiday in Cambodia (First World Countries are boring, McDonalds, Starbucks, blah blah blah - there is even one in Balikpapan, of all places!) - not bad for us rejects of MSHS crew...

I am dying for Boston or NYC but can't afford it right now:

I asked for half-sour pickles at the supermarket the other day, I tried to explain to the deli lady what they were... then she was like "Oh, you mean Jew Pickles"(!). Don't even ask for Sushi... nearest Thai place is 20 miles east...

Ahh, Corie, I get to experience some of Urban Life in your blog...

and yes I don't drink any right-wing cool-aid, in fact, I've been re-reading Marx!

Posted by: Van at July 28, 2005 2:55 AM

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