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May 16, 2005

Spontaneity & Happenstance

2005-05-14 COFFEY5.jpg

As the frazzled week achieved continuity as the frazzled month, Lex and I really needed a breather. While this weekend was still fraught by nerves and other situations, on Saturday we were able to partake in a little spontaneity, and even a little happenstance, simply by riding the bus home.

We had signed my cell phone up for the First Warm Night celebration days earlier, though neither of us were sure that we would be in NYC or up for the event. The idea was to create a spontaneous (or, however spontaneous a planned spontaneous event could be) moving party that began in one location and traveled, initially with a subway car party, to several more before settling in at a permanent space of revelry.

Both of us love simple city mischief, especially the kind that has no other motivation than having fun, so we figured that we would keep ourselves tuned in and join, but only if the group hit Brooklyn.

By six in the evening, we were both tired. We sat on the B77; my head slumped on Lex�s shoulder, and prepared to settle in for the night, perhaps getting a drink prior, but definitely a quiet night. We saw large police caravans waiting at the Smith/9th Street subway station, a definite sign of subway party. Then, as the bus slid beneath the BQE, my phone buzzed and the message revealed that the group was convening at Beard and Commerce Street, just one block away. How could we not check it out?

2005-05-15 beard.jpg

Nothing is more pleasurable than skipping down a cobblestone street to the sound of a marching band. Actually, there is. Skipping down a cobblestone street with a flurry of moth, butterfly, and dove paper cutouts fluttering about on a shipyard building�s walls like an explosion of urban summer tops the cake. And when we rounded the corner a large swath of people, many donning wings, were revealed, all congregating in merriment at the edge of Red Hook Park. The line for the ice cream truck was tremendous.

Okay, so the park party, even in all of its initial glee, was a bit slow. We stood there for a bit, taking in the scene and surveying the group of police and commanders, and decided to get a drink at Lily�s. Minutes later the entire crowd, with police escort and marching band, made its way down Beard Street. We joined with the end and made our way to the pier at Coffey Street, where the sun sank and night enveloped to the thumping beat of dance music. Silliness, strobe lights, and a whole lot of projectors ensued.

We left shortly thereafter for some libation and old Superman reels at the Pioneer Bar. I senior citizened out early, keeping us from continuing on to The Hook later that night. Instead, we sat on Lex�s fire escape and watching the hundred or so hipsters make their way down Van Brunt Street, confused, lost, and probably drunk�but smiling.

We were all smiling, even me, who fell asleep on the floor while trying to coax Olga over for a cat snuggle. It was truly a nice night. The first warm night.

Images from First Warm Night can be seen on flickr under the first warm night tag.

Posted by callalillie at May 16, 2005 5:28 AM | City Life , Fun Stuff


Damn! I had wanted to go to that; missed the message. Sounds like a great time!

Posted by: deb at May 16, 2005 1:36 PM

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