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June 27, 2004

How Many Brooklynites Does It Take...

...to get a Weber grill going?

Way, way, way too many. But we did get to watch the sun slide beneath the Manhattan skyline, giving way to the emerging city lights (and that horrid, nasty Verizon sign that I think needs some serious guerilla artwork/damage).

On Saturday, Dan hosted the Wiki Paper Anniversary commemorative BBQ at his apt in DUMBO. For those that do not know, paper is the proper gift for a first anniversary. The wiki, dare you might ask, is a kind of editable online community, which I know I am not explaining well. It has been successful in keeping several of my high school friends and me in touch with one another, along with introducing us to several others that Sean has recruited at one time or another.

Fun was had. Burgers were eaten. Smores were consumed. And of course, the F was not running Brooklyn-bound when it was time to go home. In sum, it was a perfect summer night.

Posted by callalillie at June 27, 2004 8:27 PM | City Life


hello cute boys from brooklyn. I love you.
I trued to get into the wiki, but couldn't figure it out. I also felt that I wasn't wanted.

I am so wasted right now I can't even focus.

Posted by: Jason at June 28, 2004 4:11 AM

Yeah, the wiki's not rally there as a lovey-dovey kind of place. It takes time to play with...and goes in and out of usefulness. You have to have patience. But I dunno, I like it. Funny stuff floats through, plus some cool art, etc.

Posted by: corie at June 28, 2004 6:43 AM

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