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October 9, 2003

Snug as Bug in a Rug

shop.four.jpgHow cute are these rugs highlighted in the NYT House & Home section?

I've always been a sucker for adorable home accoutrements, though I don't generally purchase them.

I'm the adult who ogles over the children's rugs in Ikea and Pottery Barn Kids catalogues but never buys, mainly because I have a lot of trouble justifying the $100-$200 expense for something that:

a) you walk on

b) Irving barfs on, and

c) is sickly cute

Let me focus a bit more on reason b) for a moment. There have been times that I've considered seeking treatment for my feline's apparent bulimic tendencies, as there are periods of weeks where the boy just can't seem to keep his regurgitation to a minimum. Hairball or no hairball, Irving’s less-than-graceful purge cycles always end up on a rug. It’s caused me to wonder if he actually seeks the floor covering out as his preferred place of vomit deposit. There’ve been instances when I’ve caught him mid-heave and watched the damn cat purposely trot over to something fibrous.

Sigh. Now that I’ve vented, back to the rugs. I do very much need a new one, as our entire collection of floor coverings have been better non-Irving days. I’m thinking about finding a kid-proof rug that is stain resistant. Such is life when co-habitating with an ever-nauseous feline.

Posted by callalillie at October 9, 2003 8:57 AM | Feline Musings , Home Improvement


Try some trendy astro-turf...or like the indoor/outdoor carpeting at Home Depot...then you can just hose the shiznit down.

Posted by: Cynthia at October 9, 2003 11:19 AM

Hmm. Not so comfortable to sit on, though, in the living room. Damn hairballs.

Posted by: callalillie at October 9, 2003 11:32 AM

There have got to be good stain resistant rugs out there. I know I have seen commercials for them. You might look for something w/teflon in it. Probably a little pricier but think of it as an investment.

Posted by: abby at October 9, 2003 1:58 PM

at least he doesn't barf on your bed, as my cat has been known to do.

Posted by: Jimmy Legs at October 9, 2003 5:04 PM

I don't even want to think about finding cat puke in my bed. Jimmylegs, that must be real popular with the chicks.

Posted by: callalillie at October 10, 2003 10:12 AM

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