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November 9, 2005

Grandma in Flight


My Grandmother, skydiving over eastern Long Island.

Posted by callalillie at November 9, 2005 2:43 PM | La Familia


Very amazing shot!

Posted by: PER at November 9, 2005 3:35 PM

She's a lot braver than me...


Posted by: Kevin Walsh at November 9, 2005 6:26 PM

I see a little handholding there!!!

Posted by: beth at November 9, 2005 7:33 PM

Wow... just, wow. Good for her!

If only she were throwin' up the horns while doin' the Dew.


Posted by: matt at November 9, 2005 9:45 PM

Wow. My grandmother wouldn't even use the microwave, let alone sky-dive. Your Bubbe kicks butt.

Posted by: Divaah46 at November 9, 2005 10:11 PM

That is so great!

Posted by: Liz at November 10, 2005 1:45 PM

That is just the COOLEST picture I've seen in ages. Go grammy, go grammy, go!

Posted by: Chookooloonks at November 10, 2005 7:31 PM

Your Grandmother is amazing! She is admirable and remarkable.

Posted by: Sonia at November 10, 2005 9:16 PM

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