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September 23, 2005

Yet Another Reason to Love My Almost Husband

Because things like this come out of his mouth:

I love satellites. I wish I could sometimes turn into a satellite.
If I was a transformer, that would be my special power.

Thank you, and have a beautiful weekend.

Posted by callalillie at September 23, 2005 4:06 PM | La Familia


I was wondering if anyone new of any off-season expeditions to Gov's Island off manhattan some time soon. I'm wondering if I visit this "national park" by kayak (i'm nearby) whether I'll be...accosted by some (lonely, vestigial) constabulary

Posted by: michael at September 23, 2005 4:27 PM

but what would be his transformer name!! and would he be good, bad or both!!

Posted by: tien at September 23, 2005 4:27 PM

michael- i don't know...i only visit gov island in the summer via ferry.

tien- lexallite? satellex? i think he would be a good transformer. then again, he could be a go-bot.

Posted by: corie at September 23, 2005 4:38 PM

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